RapidMiner 9.0 Studio - highlights and features!

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 Yes folks it's here - RapidMiner 9.0. Pretty amazing upgrade from 8.3, and that would be the case without Turbo Prep! Here are some highlights and features (more to be found in the release notes here).


  • TURBO PREP - the complement to Auto Model that will create your ETL processes with ease, without any black boxes. There's way too much to talk about Turbo Prep here so just check out the all-new Turbo Prep page on RapidMiner.com.



  • TIME SERIES COMES TO CORE - yes that's right...no more extension for using Time Series operators. They are now all pre-loaded into the core Studio product.



  • GOOGLE  CLOUD R/W CAPABILITY: you can now read/write to Google Cloud natively from RM Studio.

And last but certainly not least....


  • RAPIDMINER COMMUNITY REPOSITORY!!! Wahoo!!! We now have the capability of sharing what we create here on the community directly with the entire RapidMiner Studio user base - directly in Studio!

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 9.48.24 AM.png


In fact there is already a new suggestion forum starting TODAY on what you think should go into the new repo. Send ideas for data sets, processes, or building blocks that others will enjoy!


Hope that whets your appetite for the new RapidMiner 9.0 Studio!




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