Information extraction operaters could not be found

shk721shk721 Member Posts: 9 Contributor II
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for a week or longer , i have tried to discover the capability of information extraction plug-in.

there is a snapshot  prooving that is a part of rapidminer operators. however the available plug-in in rapid-I does not include this information extraction.

is it still under development ?

is it restricted for commercial version ?

Cheers ;


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    SchalkekidSchalkekid Member Posts: 17 Maven
    Hello Hassan,
    I am currently working on the Information Extraction plugin for RapidMiner.
    The plugin is usable, but cannot be published, yet, because it needs some major changes in the RapidMiner kernel, which have to be discussed carefully.
    If you are interested in the plugin, please contact me via email. I will try to send you a pre-release version of the plugin, then.

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