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I reproduced the Titanic example from Dr Ingo Mierswa's Auto Model training. I saved it. Now, I want to open it again inside Auto Model; the process reopens in the normal RM Studio and not inside Auto Model. I have the free version of RM Studio. Is there any kind of limitation or do I make something wrong? And inside the normal RM Studio, I don't get the complete palette of results: Naive Bayes, GLM, DL, Decision Tree, XGBoost.



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    hello @Maerkli - no all of that is correct. Auto Model is designed to prototype, explore, and/or build those RM processes super fast so that you can save, deploy, etc.. at a later time (or trash it all if there is nothing useful). It is not designed to be used in a repeatable fashion as you describe - that's what RapidMiner Studio & Server are for. :)


    As for seeing the other models, you must open them up one at a time and save them. If you think that it would be a handy feature to "Save all models to repository..." at the end of the Auto Model sequence, you are very welcome to suggest it here.


    Copying @IngoRM to make sure I did not misrepresent anything! 





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    Hallo Scott,


    Thanks for the answer. I will make other tests today.

    Encore merci.



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