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I installed rapidminer server It says successful, I run the standalone.bat and then start the process but when I open the hostname:port that I entered in the installation the browser says this site cant be reached..I am asking for help how can have a valid hostname with rapidminer? I already tried the vhost and hosts option.



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    Hello, @njhelloworld


    This answer doesn't have much to do about RapidMiner. The way the question is written leads me to think you have a very basic understanding on how Internet works. I apologize in advance if you do know these concepts.


    Let's suppose you want to write a letter to me. You pick your agenda, and you find that my address is 221B Baker Street Marylebone, London, W1U 3BW United Kingdom. So you put that address on the envelope and send the letter. It arrives, I reply to the return address you put on the back. Now, what happens if that is not my address but actually 10 Downing Street, Westminster, London SW1AA 2AA? Your package will be sent back with a reason "There is no such recipient at the address you sent".


    Let's suppose you want to call me instead, to my landline (or mobile) phone. You pick the white pages, and you find that my name is associated to +1 555 1234 5678. That is, associating my name with my phone number. If the number is not valid, you will get an operator saying "This phone is out of order" (or whatever it says in your computer).


    Computers connected to Internet have the same thing: every single computer that is connected to an IP network has an IP address (there are two versions, but let's say it's the older one). That IP address identifies your computer in the network, the same way the landline operator associated your phone to a number. However, there is no such thing as an agenda or white pages. Or is it? Yeah, it's called DNS, short for Domain Name System.


    There are many ways to solve your problem, depending on some factors:


    • If you installed RapidMiner on your computer:
      • No matter your computer is connected to Internet or not, if it has an IP-compatible network interface (an ethernet card, wireless card or otherwise something like that), it will have the following IP:
      • If you have problems, remember that you are on a "Local Virtual Host for me", and visit http://rapidminer.lvh.me:8080/ (or whatever the port is). lvh.me is a DNS service that no matter what you pass on it, it will always resolve to, ideal for testing. You can even put something like http://boatymcboatface.lvh.me/ and it will work.
      • You don't need to buy a valid domain for your computer in this case, it's a waste of money. Depending on your operating system, there are ways to lock it. I know there is a hosts file on Windows but don't know how to modify it. On Mac and Linux, you can execute echo " njhelloworld.com.net.org.cl.uk.de" >> /etc/hosts and then the njhelloworld.com.net.org.cl.uk.de domain will be yours if you visit it from your machine.
    • If you installed RapidMiner on another computer in your network:
      • You will need the IP address of that computer to visit it.
    • If you installed RapidMiner on another computer over Internet (let's say, Amazon, DigitalOcean, Linode):
      • You will need the IP address of that computer to visit it.
      • You will probably want to buy a domain name for it. It's money, and it's for a year. If you want to spend the money (which is not at all required), find your domain name in https://domainr.com/, and use a registrar like Namecheap to register it. Now, I repeat, it's not a requirement.
      • If you still want a domain name but you don't require a fancy one, you could review No-IP or DynDNS (now Dyn). It's basically a free second-level domain such as rapidmineymcrapidminerface.no-ip.com. Just point your DNS record to your computer and forget the IP (but keep it noted just in case).

    Hopefully something of all the things I wrote can help you.


    BTW, having a DNS server like dnsmasq (on UNIX machines) helps enormously setting up complex architectures like the one I am going to show at RapidMiner Wisdom 2018. Although this is not required in your case (as we are talking about having a server that can resolve domains rather than a client that can query for these), I just wanted to mention it as a random fact and one of the things I'm probably going to skip at my talk.


    All the best,


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    @rfuentealba thank you for that very nice explanation,I understand that well..I clearly understand that it is nothing to do with rapidminer server ..but I would like to ask any possible solution for this(Im quite desperate). I tried changing some settings in my vhost and hosts under system32 and the xampp since I am using the xampp..do you have any recommendations on how to do this?I mean any website that might help..My scenario is that I already had an existing local name that is soilanalyzer.njpg now I want to set my rapidminer server in another local name like rapidminer.njpg:8082 . Do you have any idea on how to do this?The vhost asks for a web directory,what website directory will I put under the rapidminer server?
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    @rfuentealba boatymcboatface?

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    Hah, that's quite a different story.


    How does your server architecture work? Do you mind to draw (on a whiteboard, or an image) how your services are installed? I haven't served a RapidMiner Server, but putting an Apache (that's basically a XAMPP) in front of a Rails application is feasible, so we shouldn't have issues adapting something.


    Yep, I can help you.

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    Funny how human memory works. @Thomas_Ott said on a tweet that he was cracked up by rapidmineymcrapidminerface. That helped me remembering it's not the first time I answer this.




    @njhelloworld take a look and see if it helps you!


    All the best,


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