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Hello all!

This post is a big-up to the designers of the "information selection" extension (and to Teuvo Kohonen, finder of learning vector quantization). The NeuralNet LVQ operator does a great job. It is impressive to see how predictive modeling - whether logistic regression, neural nets, deep learning and even naïve bayes - keeps its accuracy even when chained behind this NeuralNet LVQ operator. Try it out : insert it just in front of your favorite predictive learner, plugging the "prototypes" port out of the NN-LVQ to the training port of your learner. Even with as few as 100 prototypes out of thousands of lines in your initial training set, your learner will perform greatly against your test set. Obviously, this helps a great deal in reducing the learning time. This also proves the relevance of learning vector quantization...


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    @marcin_blachnik, i think this goes to you :)

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    Thanks for the post,

    I'm glad you are using my extension, and it helps in your work.

    All the best


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