keras_model ERROR: Execution of python script failed

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Hi all,
I installed keras_model on rapidminer. I uploaded the sample file "boston_housing_prices_regression" but in the block Keras_model I get the following error: "Execution of python script failed
Please check yout python script: ODError: 'pydot' failed to call GraphViz.Please install GrapghViz (http://www.graphviz.org/) and ensure that its executables are in the $PATH.(script, line 197)"

Immagine.pngIn python: "C: \ Program Files \ Python35 \ Lib" I have the latest version of GrapghViz
and I checked it by opening the prompt and typing: "pip3 install graphviz --upgrade".

Finally I checked "pydot" and "dask" as well.
I encountered the same problem as this post that has not been solved, but I'm not using Anaconda.

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    a_lotti1a_lotti1 Member Posts: 7 Contributor I
    I have a windows operating system.
    Thanks so much. Problem solved!
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