RM Server 9.2 - Where are container.properties / Problem with Python settings

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I am running a RM 9.0.2 server on Ubuntu 16.04 with Python and Keras extensions, which require system settings for:

  • rapidminer.python_scripting.path
  • rapidminer.python.path

The RM Server 8+ seemed to ignore these settings in the console, but it was possible to create a file job-agent/config/container.properties which pointed to the correct location of Python.

My default system Python is 2.7 but for all my analytics work I use Anaconda with Python 3.6, which is located elsewhere.


The RM Server 9.0.2 also ignores the console settings for Python, however, the old location for container.properties have now shifted somewhere. I have read the agent's README file, and have tried placing the container.properties in job-agent/lib/container and in job-agent/home/config, but it does not seem to work. Now the RM Server 9 insists on using Python 2.7 and failling of course.


There is no problem with RM 9 finding the extensions in their plugin directory.


Any idea how to make the new RM 9 server find and use the correct version of Python on the system?




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    SGolbertSGolbert RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 344 Unicorn
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    Hi @jacobcybulski,


    The job agent has now also a home folder. You can find the rapidminer.properties file under:




    You have to add your Python path in this file, for example:


    rapidminer.python_scripting.path = /home/sgolbert/anaconda3/bin/python








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