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Hello everyone, I just started using Rapidminer studio yesterday and decided to start with a tutorial.

Already on Get Started 2/8 Modelling i got an issue, that blocked me a lot: I followed all the instructions in the list and created a very simple model as was told and you can see in the picture:

1.jpgmodelThen when pressing run button there occurs an error of the following type:




Then after obvious move of connecting, the problem doesnt dissapear:

3.jpgstill error

Summarizing, I was just following all the details of the tutorial and got stuck with this.

I would be very grateful if somebody has a clue how to proceed with this and where was the error I made during the process.

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    @ihor you're using the wrong Decision Tree. The one you have pulled in is the Decision Treet Multiway, which requires another model producing operator inside. 


  • ihorihor Member Posts: 2 Contributor I

    Thank you for the quick answer, now I feel really bad about not having seen the simple Deciding tree option,

    everything worked out so thanks again:)

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