RapidMiner5-extension-project build failed with one line more code.

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 I am using RM5 and want to add extension to RM5.

So I download rapidminer5's extension project. 


But I met a very strange problem.

This is the beginning of the situation, I added a class and an empty method, the compilation passed.



But when I add a line of code, the compilation doesn't go through. This line of code is very common, just a code to create an object. I don't know why the compilation failed.

build2.jpgjust add one linenoh2otree.pngthe extension folder is missing

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    There has nothing to do with RapidMiner5. The reason is the configuration in Ant's Build.xml file. The jdk1.6 is used inside.
    In jdk1.6, the use of generics must be written in such a way that it can be compiled (in practice).

    ok:       List<String> test = new ArrayList<String>();

    not ok: List<String> test = new ArrayList<>();


    So I changed the Build.xml to jdk1.8. Then the result is ok.

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