How to Radoop configuration

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I'm new in rapidminer and i wanna use radoop? Is it free for student? and how cloud i configuer it with cloduera cuz i didn't understand the documentaion. i could not downlaod cloderua manger cuz it's too big. how could i configer it ? 



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    hello @342208173 welcome to the community. I applaud your efforts to learn RapidMiner and Radoop but to be honest I am not sure Radoop is really the best place to start. Building, configuring, and deploying 'big data' ML models is a great way to go once you master the concepts of desktop ML models. My advice would be to learn RapidMiner Studio first, then go to RapidMiner Server, and then finally get into Radoop. 


    Go here for our "RapidMiner University" where you can learn Studio and Server at your own pace, and for free!


    Good luck and happy RapidMining!




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