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I would like to find out on the different tier of logical processor in Rapidminer Studio. For eg, if my PC has 8 logical processors, and i am using the free version (which has only 1 logical processor), does it mean that only 1 logical processor on my PC will be used? eg. Rapidminer restricts the usage of the other 3 logical processor


If i purchase the Medium tier of Rapidminer Studio (which has 4 logical processors), only 4 processor will be used during the process?


Next, i would like to find out if the data gets process within my PC or will it be processed on some Rapidminer server? Due to the nature of data privacy and confidentiality, we cannot allow the data to be processed online. So we would like to find out the location where the data gets process.


Appreciate the insights shared.



Wei Jun

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    Hi Rodrigo


    Thanks for the detailed explanation :)


    I have one final question though regarding logical processor; If i'm using Rapidminer Medium Edition and my laptop has 8 logical processor, Rapidminer will at most use 4 of the logical processor. The only way to maximum all 8 logical processor on my laptop would be to get the Rapidminer Large Edition?



    Wei Jun 

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    Hi Wei Jun,


    That is correct. The only way to use 7-8 cores is buying the RapidMiner Studio Large license. Please notice that the operating system you use and its configuration might reserve one for itself, or will distribute all the tasks evenly depending on the kind of scheduler(s) that the operating system has configured, so you will never be able to dedicate all the cores to your project.


    May I ask why is it so important? Even with the software I am building on top of RapidMiner (it will be showcased at RapidMiner Wisdom in New Orleans, BTW! If you are in the United States or want to head there, join us!), I've never required lots of cores to work, but I did require tons of gigabytes of memory.


    Perhaps there is a use case I hadn't seen, and would love to know something about it :)


    All the best,


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    Hi Rodrigo


    Wow, really appreciate your time and effort in answering my queries! Nothing special on the logical processors though, i am just curious on how it works for the different tiers cause i cant find much explanation on the web. So i decided to try my luck here xD 


    Thanks anyways!



    Wei Jun

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    Hey @18a641r,

    we are of course happy to discuss this with you with our professional team! Just write me an email if you want to chat. mschmitz at rapidminer dot com




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    First of all: big thanks to @rfuentealba for the fantastic explanations!!!  And please get in touch with @mschmitz to discuss how we can help you. 


    For the time being, you might also want to check out the white paper below.  While you will not see those performance improvements for all situations (like explained before), in certain situations you can get a lot faster process executions by throwing more cores at it :-)  Here is the link:



    Hope this helps,


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