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I want to perform keyword frequency statistics on a piece of text in Excel.

But when I split the text, I have a problem. How do I calculate them after dividing the text into words?

I need your help!!!!


1. Cannot find text attribute

1. can not find-text-Attributes.PNG 


2.what did I do

2. what i do.PNG


3.Nothing here

nothing in here.PNG


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    You need to convert your attribute to text format (nominal to text) as otherwise it will be happily ignored by the document processor



  • levirlevir Member Posts: 2 Contributor I

    Yes, I have converted the attribute to text format (nominal to text),but,What can I do to count my keywords?4.转换.PNG5.1.PNG5.关键词.PNG

    I have use Filter Stopwords (Dictionary) to Remove “abl”, but it is still there

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    hi @levir is that from Process Documents? It is hard to see without looking at your XML. Maybe you can post it?


    I wrote a KB article a while back on the various calculations for Process Documents; it may provide some insight for you.



  • kaymankayman Member Posts: 662 Unicorn

    Seems like you used a stemmer, so ensure when your stoplist is before it is stating 'able', or 'abl' when it's located after your stemmer

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