Server Apps don't work with Internet Explorer 11

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Hi everybody,


I was shocked to realize that the RapidMiner Server Apps completely don't work with Internet Explorer 11 since version 8.0. Whatever one might think about this web browser, it is still the standard browser in many companies. So if the apps don't work with it, it is likely that this will lead to decisions against RapidMiner. I hope, you will fix the problem soon, thanks.

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    can you perhaps explain your problem more details?

    Without knowing what actually is not working, we can't provide you a solution or try to fix it.


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    nearly nothing works after you click on App Designer. When you click to open an app, nothing happens. When you click to generate a new app, the general settings will open but than you can't store, can't change to layout or other tabs etc. Simply nothing happens when you click on something.


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