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I want to use send mail operator and gmail smtp server

so I set following parameters


settings -> Preferences -> tool


SMTP server   smtp.gmail.com

server port   587

username     osadasliit@gmail.com

connection security      TLS

authentication mechanism  Auto


but Rapidminer studio throws following error message


Could not connect to SMTP host:smtp.gmail.com.port:587


I used latest rapidminer studio






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    rfuentealbarfuentealba Moderator, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member, University Professor Posts: 568 Unicorn
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    Hi @osadasliit,


    I have bad news for you, but not everything is lost.


    Google does not allow normal username/password authentication for Gmail anymore, as they added some security into their sign in process (such as the possibility of 2FA, short for "two factor authentication"; or mFA, the same but instead of "two" it's "multi"). To do that, they have changed the usual username/passwords that we all know by an authentication/authorization protocol named "OAuth2".


    They also said that perhaps someone will still need insecure access, and they have created a one-time-password mechanism that you can activate. However, this means your account will be less secure. Here is a tutorial that I use to configure Postfix with an alternate account (if it gets hacked, I don't lose my e-mails, just the ability of sending e-mails, so I wouldn't worry). You don't need to do everything, just the Google related bits to configure a new account. If you still need help, just ping me and I'll happily assist you in setting it up.


    Hope it helps,



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    Facing SMTP server issues? Ensure correct configuration and authentication settings. Regularly update server software and implement SSL/TLS encryption for enhanced security. Monitor logs for suspicious activities, employ firewalls, and restrict unauthorized access to mitigate potential security risks, fortifying your email infrastructure against vulnerabilities.

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