rapidprom issue: animate log in fuzzy graph doesn't work as it is supposed to be

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Hello everyone,


I've been trying to animate my fuzzy model using the aminate log in fuzzy graph operator, but it always reduces the number of events and replace some of them with a called cluster event which is not what the static fuzzy model looked like, and the presentation is no longer useful !!!

Here is the fuzzy model:



But its associated animation looks like this!! :




I've set the aminate log in fuzzy graph operator's parameters to the maximum values possible(Lookahead=25,extra lookahead=15)


I really do need your help.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.


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    data1mathsdata1maths Member Posts: 27 Contributor I

    Hi everyone,


    Does anyoyne here know how to deal with this problem ?


    mmichel ,  IngoRM  ... ?


    Best regards.

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    sgenzersgenzer Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Community Manager, Member, University Professor, PM Moderator Posts: 2,959 Community Manager

    hi @data1maths we're all at RM Wisdom this week :) I will see if I can ask around for people who know about the ProM extension.




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    lorenzo_bottilorenzo_botti Member Posts: 1 Contributor I
    Hi @data1maths, in the original ProM workspace, it would take three steps to do that: 
    1) mine a fuzzy model
    2) select a fuzzy istance (or export a fuzzy model that suits you)
    3) animate the log (in ProM you'd have two input, the original log and the fuzzy instance/model

    Here you have two operators, and the animate event log will get two input (event log and fuzzy model). It is the same in terms of logic steps, but you have to perform a double modeling if you want to compare the model and the animation (model has only one output).
    So it would be: import event log, multiply, fuzzymodel1 to results, fuzzymodel2 to animate (sorry I am a newbie and apparently I can't post pictures) .

    I ran the model twice: with the lookahead parameters set at standard (5, 3) and at your values (25, 15).

    Results were comaprable, both model and animated model, in both cases.

    We can try and solve your issue, if you want. I propose to start from the model and the parameters set.

    Just let me know
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    data1mathsdata1maths Member Posts: 27 Contributor I
    Hi lorenzo_botti ,

    I am really grateful for your reply. 

    In fact i already did the described process to generate the fuzzy model and its animation before i posted the problem that I've faced.

    It's true that if i try the process on a small sized event log the result is way rapid and no problem prompt, yet if i use the event log of what i am trying to model and analyse the execution time is very long specially for the the animate log node and i doubt that it crushed and give the photo that I've posted before. (i possess an intel I7 ram 16gb)
    And for the lookahead, I've tried almost all possible combinations, but always with the same problem.

    If you have any further advice or tips to try, please don't hesitate.

    Thank you so much sir for the help.
    Best regards
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