Consultation: prediction of each vessel's arrival-departure

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Hello everyone,
I realy need your consultation-help in a certain matter.
I intend to accept my participation in a challenging project. This project is made for the purpose of predicting for each vessel the optimal time of arrival and departure, for one aim which is to optimize the overall congestion of vessels inside the port knowing that it has constant capacity and fluctuating demand that depends on many parameters available from many database servers.
I am wondering if ti is doable to create such a Machine learning\Deep learning model (some suggestions\feedback from you would be very helpful and I’ll be grateful)
I did created many ML models(classification-regression-ensembling models-time series analysis(arima-lstm)……) for many projects before, it(s just that I have never face such challenge and I need some guidance from you sepais :) 
Thank you in advance.
Best regards.



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    data1mathsdata1maths Member Posts: 27 Contributor I

    That's a very deep explanation, surely i'll take in consideration. 

    I'll keep you in touch about any progress i make.

    Thank you so much sir for your help.

    Best regards.

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    this sounds also to fit the problems modelled in operation research. Using graph algorithm and eventually simulatios if it becomes too complex, you can come up with a solution.


    It is the kind of approach used for example when deciding the schedule for a football liga (for example the Bundesliga). There are several constraints, like that every team plays once home and once away, every team has to play agains all others, there are also other tournaments and matches of the national teams, etc.


    Once you get a bit into the topic I'm sure it will become easy, good luck!

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    data1mathsdata1maths Member Posts: 27 Contributor I
    Hi SGolbert,

    Thank you for your reply.
    In fact i did studied operations research course, and I tried to model the cost function of this problem at first presuming that it's going to be a linear function and also the constraints functions, yet the model was biased and i couldn't approach the problem using non linear modeling at the time, that why i thought that an ML/DL model could solve this non-linearity issue.
    I'll be grateful if you share with me any advice you might think of as being useful to this project.
    Thank you.
    Best Regards
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