Frozen and very slow rapidmidminer studio

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when i'm running rapidminer i meet several problems:

1. rapidminer takes much time to be launched. i verify the RAM and disque they are on 99 % each of them and I'm not opening other applications. it consumes much of memory !! I don't knew why .

2. when i want to configure my hive connector i'm bloked in the user interface "Manageme Database Drivers" when i click on save the message is blocked, i click on cancel and it does'nt disapear. I wait much of time without no result and the rapidminer is stopped automaticly.


what can i do so that my computer does not slow down by opening this application and work on it without no freezen interfaces?

thanks for all.



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    kaymankayman Member Posts: 662 Unicorn

    Are you using Linux or Windows, and / or behind a proxy or firewall?


    I've experienced some of the same issues because the Java engine behind Rapidminer likes to take as much as possible of memory, so it's always a good thing to limit this based on your available memory (preferences -> System -> Max amount of Memory). I personally limit to 3GB on windows and 4GB on Linux as it seems more hungry on Linux. This is typically more than enough to do decent activity, but the more memory you have the more you can assign (let's say to 50% of your total memory or so)

    This should in theory already have a good impact on the freezing part. The starting part is something I suffer from when using the company proxy, I assume it's because it takes just a bit longer to validate the licenses etc, but also the amount of loaded extentions can have an impact. You could try to disable them and add them again one by one to see which one slows the booting process.


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    asmahassani08asmahassani08 Member Posts: 31 Contributor II

    Thank you kayman for your response, 

    I'm using windows 8.1 - RAM 8Go.

    I deleted the unused extensions. I limit Max amount of Memory for 3Go as you suggest.

    The problem persists to manage hive driver even I deleted the hive extension and reinstalled it.

    But no result

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    kaymankayman Member Posts: 662 Unicorn

    I see, but without the hive extension everything works fine?


    Do you run hive locally or remote?

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    asmahassani08asmahassani08 Member Posts: 31 Contributor II

    Locally the hive connexion works fine beeline connect to hiveserver2.

    but when I run hive connexion on rapidminer it does not work and the message interface is frozen.



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    sgenzersgenzer Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Community Manager, Member, University Professor, PM Moderator Posts: 2,959 Community Manager

    moving to Radoop forum as this seems to be a Hive issue.



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    asmahassani08asmahassani08 Member Posts: 31 Contributor II

    thank you!

    I can establish the connexion to Radoop successfully (figure 1) but with the hive, the connexion is unknown (figure 2).

    when I manage hive connexion from connections-> manage connection I have this error (figure 3).

    please, any suggestion !! I'm stacked for months. fig1.JPG






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