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Ive worked on OLAP cube design using star and snowflake schema in SQL Server 2012 earlier.. But now we wish to move on to an open source platform. So, please suggest is it possible to build a star schema using RapidMiner, then populate the tables with data using ETL, then apply OLAP operations such as slice and dice, drill down on the same and finally build a dashboard? If yes, please also suggest some possible links on how to do the same?

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    RapidMiner is primarily a data mining tool with some ETL capabilities. It is not specialized for the data warehouse tasks you're describing. If your focus is data warehousing and you're not interested in easy and powerful data mining, then open source tools like Pentaho might be better for your use case.


    That said, I've been doing exactly these things with RapidMiner Studio and Server for the last years, so obviously it's possible. 





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