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I am trying to import an excel sheet as a process. I select the "read excel" operator an drop it into my desgin. Then, every time I want to run the "import configuration wizard" it won't work. Each time the "normal" data selection window pops up. 

Can anyone help me asap? I think I have installed all required components.


Thank you!!!





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    Hi @pia_kuhn,


    Do you mind to post step by step screenshots of your process? The import configuration wizard works for me.


    All the best,



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    Also make sure you are not trying to connect the input port on the left of the operator.  This will typically override the configuration of the wizard.
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    Hi all,

    I have the same issue and I'm afraid it doesn't work out for me.

    Best regards,
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    Hi@ Nad
    I had the same problem. I think you can import your data from the repository and if it doesnt help you it's better to put your excel in a folder and rename it and then use "read excel".
    My problem solved in this situation and I hope it can help you. :)
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    Hi @mbs
    thanks for your quick respond.
    Maybe I have not installed all required components yet. Do you know if I have to install a specific component?

    Best regards,
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    I'm not sure. But I think its better to use the last version of RM :)
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