Is there a possibility to take an ebook and to cut it in different parts?

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Hey community,

I'm a student from Lüneburg, Germany, and I am asked to do an analysis of a text. In my case I have an ebook in form of a pdf-document. What I want is to cut this pdf document in different paragraphs and chapters. Does anyone have an idea how I can split this document with RapidMiner into a collection of more and smaller documents in a type of data wich I can use for a sentimental analysis?

Thank you very much


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    jczogallajczogalla Employee, Member Posts: 144 RM Engineering
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    You can have a look at the text extension. It does have an operator that can convert a PDF file to a (RapidMiner) document (Read Document). Then you can use the Cut Document operator from the same extension to split it up, using regular expresssions or the like. I'm no expert here, but maybe @mschmitz has some nice ideas.

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