What is a performance vector

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I want to produce performance results set using sliding window validation and neural net, but the output for the validation process cannot accept the the output of of the regression performance function, says it is expecting the performance vector. So which function to use so I can produce the the example data set


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    Did you look at the tutorial process for the Cross Validation operator?  That shows the typical setup, where you have the model development in the training window on the left and the Apply Model and Performance in the testing window on the right, with all the output ports connected.  That should hopefully clarify.  If not, perhaps you can make your question more specific?

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    Hi Thabo,

    Do you mind to share your process, to see what is happening? When you do validation, you have two windows, right?

    The left one (training) contains your model. The right one (testing) contains the operators for testing your model. Most of the time, Apply Model followed by a Performance (Classification). I am not sure if the Performance (Regression) operator has the same outputs. Assuming it does have these outputs, you should be aware that the performance vector can be obtained from the per output, not the other one that usually contains your model.

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