Java Security Blocks neccessary Objects - found no way to get around it.

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Hi there,

Before i start, i can't select any category (like Knowledge Base) except Help for this Post. No Scriptblocker whatsoever running right now either.

So for my NLP Extension (Part-of-Speech-Taggers) i need to integrate the pre-made Taggers into Operators. When i try to initialize those Taggers, they get blocked, though. As far as i know there are the following solutions, of which none currently work for me:

  1. a SNAPSHOT Build. When i attempt to build RM from GitHub, i can't seem to find the installer jar mentioned in the documentation. Gradle tasks don't seem to help either.
  2. a rewrite in the Java Policy files. I assume you wouldn't want me meddling with those, especially when it comes to an extension.
  3. Running the Operator with Python. That kind of doesn't make sense to me, because the Taggers are mainly written in Java and have to be imported somewhere anyways.
So especially point 1 is interesting to me. Has the way of Building the Github-RM changed? Can you give me a walkthrough on how to do that?


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