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Hey! I'm trying to export the graph of decision tree. I downloaded the report extension and managed to get the whole picture but then, it is impossible to read because it's too large and zooming is no solution: it just gives bad quality.

Do you know how to fix this?


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    Hi @ophelie_vdp,

    You can simply export the tree (or any other result graphic) via the context menu in RapidMiner. Go to File -> Print or Export Image  then you can click on Export Image and select a suited format. When selecting *.svg you can also modify single elements of the graph, as described here:


    I hope that helps.
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    In any large DT, this is always going to be an issue because the tree simply can't fit on one page.  So rather than a graphical version that spans many pages and is very difficult to follow, you may be interested in the model output as a series of if/then statements instead, this can make it easier to read through the tree to see what is happening.  You can do that by exporting the model description or using the Tree to Rules operator and then exporting that version of the model instead.

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