"Score Intensity of Emotions (Anger, Sadness, Joy, Fear) in tweets"

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HI all!

we are currently working on the following challenge: 

We need to give an intensity score to a tweet to reflect as much it fits to an label e.g. Anger

Data Structure: 
•ID\t TweetText\t Affect\tIntensityScore
•2017-En-22248\t I'm shakingnow.\t fear\t 0.812

The label is given so the target it to predict the score. 

Can anyone tell us, how we can set up a score prediction in Rapidminer? We usually need two labels, but we do not know how to create an input, which is giving the modules what it needs. 




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    This is a typical case of text mining with a nominal label (with more than two categories).  Take a look at some of the tutorial and training resources for text mining and it should give you some information to get started.
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    Or you can just use the IBM Tone Analyzer API webservice which will give you all those scores.


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