com.rapidminer.operator.UserError: The dummy operator Execute Python (replacing python_scripting:exe

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Sorry, for the obscure problem but here goes...

I am converting over some processes to 9.2. Some of these I execute from the command line by building a jar in IntelliJ. If the process uses execute R or execute Python, I get an error if I try and run the jar directly. Processes without either operator work fine and if I run the code in the IDE it also works. This is something new. I did not have this problem in earlier versions of Rapidminer. 

The obvious workaround is to just not do this and use Python but I figured I would mention it as it used to work.


  • David_ADavid_A Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RMResearcher, Member Posts: 297 RM Research

    just asking the obvious question first:

    Is the Python extension correctly installed?

    The error message indicates that RapidMiner cn't find the operator (what normally means the extension is not installed or loaded).

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    Hi David,

    Yes, I can run the process in Rapidminer and also in the IDE by just hitting run. I am getting the problem after I have built the jar. Jars that don't call either Python or R work fine if I execute them from the command line.


  • hughesfleming68hughesfleming68 Member Posts: 323 Unicorn
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    I just tested this again on another machine with a previous version of Rapidminer and I could build the jar in IntelliJ without problems. This process was using Execute R and Execute Python with no issues. I am pretty sure that I can work around this. My guess is that the latest operators behave differently than the older ones in some way.
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    I have a workaround which required installing an earlier version of Rapidminer which worked and then installing 9.2 in a new Rapidminer home directory. This is fine for what I have to do.
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