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I have used the optimize paramater on knn on a training and validation dataset to create a model.  When I apply this model to  new data, a predicted value for the labeled variable is created, however the performance (RMSE, adjusted r^2) is reported as "unknown" for the new data.  (I am able to see the performance of the original training model). 
Why is this happening?  How do I fix it?
I have attached all appropriate files and rmp files 


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    Hi @Niki2019,

    totally logic ! 

    In your score set, you don't supply a "true value" for your label.
    So it's impossible for RapidMiner to compare the predictions to the true labels to in fine calculate a performance...

    I hope it is clear,


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    The new data you are applying the model to must have a value in the label field in order to calculate a performance.  It appears that MEDV (the label) is blank for the record you are trying to score.
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