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Hi All, newbie here using 9.1.

I am working with data with date and time format. But then, I need to group the data by date regardless the time. But because the time is there, I can't use aggregate for that (or did I miss something?)

I notice that I can change the attribute type to date only, if I re-import the data from the original excel file. But I already process the data. It's kind of troublesome to redo all the process again starting from importing. Well, I notice that I can export then import again to change the date format. 

But.. can I just change date format inside the rapidminer?

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    That solution works, and another option is to use the Date to Numerical and then select the level of date value that you want to aggregate by, either in terms of a periodic cycle or relative to a fixed point.  The advantage of this method is that you can create multiple numericals corresponding to different levels of aggregation (e.g., you could have one for each day but then also one for each week or each month, etc.).  Just FYI in case you need to do multiple date aggregations.
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    LayungLayung Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
    Oh yes, that worked. Thanks so much. 
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