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I get an error when trying to use Process Documents from Data, "The example set must contain at least one text attribute". 
I have an Read Excel operator and after that Nominal to Text, so it should not give me this error since the Excel file is converted to text, but yet it still does.

The strange part is that it works just fine, it does everything that it should but it just annoys me.


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    PrenticePrentice Member Posts: 66 Maven
    I cannot store the file, I think it's because it is a macro enabled excel workbook so it doesn't recognise it as an .xlsx or .xls. 
    Synchronizing the Meta Data with Real Data did not do the trick either, is it something I just have to ignore now?

    Also, it is sort of unrelated, but I'm having another error with Extract Macro, It says: "The attribute [Name] is missing in the input example set". I have the macro set as data_value with the attribute name [Name] and the index 1. I have it linked to a Read Excel that imports a sheet with this in it: A1: [Name] and A2: [NameofSomething]. Just like the problem above, it works, but I do get this error message. 
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