Replacing numeric values (Map) in Turbo Prep

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It seems that Turbo Prep does not have the option to replace numeric values (e.g. replace all occurances of 555 with 5); it seems that replace only works with nominal values. This might have something to do with the oddity that the Replace operator in RM only works on nominal values, whereas Map is the appropriate operator for numeric values. But how then can I replace values using Turbo Prep?

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    Good Question. Yes, I didn't see an option for mapping in Turboprep and replace doesn't work on numerical data as mentioned in your post. To replace in turbo prep I changed the type of attribute using "change type" option in transform to Category. Then I replaced the values as needed and then again changed the attribute type back to numerical.

    @IngoRM can suggest more on this.


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    The way @varunm1 is describing this is the way to go for now.  I have added the idea of allowing to replace also for numerical values to the feature request list though.
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