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Beginner user here.  I have searched all over for this but I assume I'm missing something.  My situation is that I have created an Excel file that takes in streaming stock market data and makes a prediction about the short term movement of the market.  I have created a model in RapidMiner that is very good at determining how useful a given prediction will be and I am now trying to figure out how to make this process work in real time.  I have two ideas for how to make this happen and I'm wondering if there is anyway to make either idea work:

Idea 1 - Take the model's logic into Excel and run each example through the model within Excel.  I have done this with simple decision trees by hand before but the RM model that I find to be very useful is a Gradient Boosted Tree model and obviously creating 400 trees by hand in Excel is way too much work.  Is there a way to export the logic of the model in to Excel, either as a sheet or in VBA code?

Idea 2 - Each minute import a single example with its 20ish attributes, run it through the model and then pass the resulting prediction back to a specific cell in the same Excel file.  I have dabbled with the Advanced Reporting Extension created by Old World Computing but I haven't gotten it to work the way I'm hoping.

If there are other methods that would accomplish the same thing, I would love to hear about them but I'm not knowledge enough yet to know of a third way.  Thank you in advance for your time,


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    Hi @kylejohnson,
    the usual way to do this is to use a web service by RM Server. You can then write a query like
    the result of this is an XML which you can use with FILTERXML to get the results. I do this frequently with customers to have a dirty but quick version of it.
    I think either the idea @kayman is proposing is the cleanest. The other way is a process which works like "Read Excel, Score, Write Excel" which is cron-jobed or triggered by you is the best version doing it. 

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