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i have text in excel sheet how i can do stemming then write in author excel sheet . i try with read document then process document and write document but the read does not work . 


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    kaymankayman Member Posts: 662 Unicorn
    In order to work with text it is important that the process flow knows what your text field is.
    Rapidminer considers any 'string data' as nominal by default, not as the unstructured text (document) you might expect so if you don't clearly state this the document process will happily ignore all of your data indeed. 

    Therefore the steps to take are as follows : 
    -> Import your excel file
    -> Change the field you like to do stemming on from nominal to text, either during import using the wizard or afterwards using the nominal to text operator
    -> now run your document conversion workflow (tokenisation / stemming etc)
    -> safe back as excel

    Hope this helps
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