Does RapidMiner close the DB session after it finishes execution on given SQL query?

eginkaeginka Member Posts: 1 Newbie

I would like to know if RapidMiner closes the session in database after it finishes the execution of SQL query? In my case I use Teradata driver. Of course while working I ran process several times. I use 1 box for reading database table and another box for writing into datbase. But unfortunately after several repetitions my process starts failing with error:
[SQLState HY000] TDWM Throttle violation for Concurrent Sessions: For Rule Name 'Limit Adhoc User connects', Limit of 8 concurrent requests

It is just annoying. I know the number of 8 concurrent sessions is not big. I work in corporate world, so increasing the number of concurrent session may be time consuming due to some politics. Besides all other tools we use close sessions after finishing the execution. I did not have to deal with this problem before.
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