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RM and Tableau Writer

mlubiczmlubicz Member, University Professor Posts: 17 University Professor
edited June 2019 in Help
0. I work with RM Studio 9.2.001 and Tableau Desktop 2019.1.3 on WIN7 64
1. I have downloaded Extract API from tableau
2. I have also downloaded Tableau Table Witer from RM  (it shows 8.2.1 compatibility)
3. I followed the steps described in RMdocs
3.1. extracted zip file to C:\Users\ML\.Tableau\Tableau Data Extract API
3.2. added C:\Users\ML\.Tableau\Tableau Data Extract API\bin
3.3. created entries TAB_SDK_TMPDIR and TAB_SDK_LOGDIR in both User variables and System variables with the same locations: C:\Users\ML\Documents
3.4. installed Tableau Table Writer rapidminer:///extension/rmx_tableau_table_writer
4. I have created a simple process which failed as described below.
Any suggestions?
Any suggestions?

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    mlubiczmlubicz Member, University Professor Posts: 17 University Professor
    Thank you Varun, it works.
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