Rscript not found - Failed to detect Rscript at the given path. (Rapidminer Server)

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Hi Experts, 

We recently upgraded the rapidminer server from 7.3 to Rapdiminer-Server 9.2. I am trying to execute a sample R script file on the server and I get the error
                                       " Rscript not found - Failed to detect R script at the given path
                                         Please adjust the Rscript path in the Preferences.<br>(Tools -> Preferences -> R Scripting)".

Followed the steps in

We have already  
1)Installed the Rscript extension for the server from the marketplace and able to
    see R scripting (Administration -> Operator&Extensions->Extensions)
2)rapidminer.r_scripting.path -> to correct Rscript.exe file on the server (Administartion->System Settings)

Not sure why we are still getting the error, any help greatly appreciated 

please let me know if you need any further information 


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