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I'm a newbie to rapidminer and have been exploring it for a week now. I was analysing flight delay data and was trying to create a Bar graph. 

There are two attributes Airline (List of Airlines) and Departure Delay (Delay/No Delay) which I am using to construct a bar graph. I wish to show all airlines and how many of their flights were delayed and not delayed. 

Currently it only shows the Airline and the total count of the departure delay, this total is inclusive of delay/no delay. 
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I was able to achieve this through turbo prep chart but Turbo prep samples up to 5000 only and my data set is close to 500k. 
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Is there any way i can achieve this in turbo prep or visualisation chart with the entire data set. 

Please help me solve this. 

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    Thank you for your timely feedback :) . Tried the beta 9.3 extension to rapidminer and it works like a charm. 
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