Please tell me what "ExampleSet" is.

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What are "Example" and "ExampleSet" ?
How different between "ExampleSet" and dataset ?

Thank you viewing my question.

I'm university student in Japan and use RapidMiner Studio.

I learn how to use RapidMiner and what worth dose it provide us.
Yesterday, I finished the first tutorial "Get started", and have used some operators.

When I read "Operator Reference Manual"[1], I found words "ExampleSet" and "Example" so many time.

But unfortunately I really can't find the explaination of these words.

for example, Decision tree operator returns (outputs) ExampleSet in output port named "exa", which 'was given as input is passed without changing to the
output through this port'. Is that mean input data is one of ExampleSet ?
('~' is quoted from [1])

So please tell me the meaning of them.

[1] "Operator Reference Manual" ttps://docs.rapidminer.com/latest/studio/operators/rapidminer-studio-operator-reference.pdf

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    Thank you for the correct worth advice!

    Now, I deeply understand them thanks to you!

    And I look forward to being taught by you again. 

    (I'm so sorry If my English is unnatural.)
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