Jobagent not connecting properly to server

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I'm experimenting a bit with user agents on different machines / operating systems to allow for better scaling, but I get an issue trying to do so.
My server instance is running on a Ubuntu server, my agent on a windows 10 machine. While the server notices the agent is running (orange light) the agent itself keeps spawning the following error statement :

2019-06-16 16:57:00.380 ERROR 6020 --- [taskScheduler-3] c.r.e.jobagent.scheduled.SyncTasks       : Sync cannot be completed. Cause: Failed to check whether sync service is enabled. HTTP response code was: 401

Anything specific I would need to allow on my server / agent host to get it running?

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    Thanks @aschaferdiek, upgrading to 9.3.1 did make it work indeed. I've tried with setting the clocks (almost) equal before the upgrade but that didn't really work.
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