Hierarchical ward clustering

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I am trying to duplicate a cluster analysis I did in JMP in RapidMiner. My prefered method would be Hierarchical Ward clustering. I found that in RapidMiner "agglomerative clustering" is available in general, but not with the Ward linkage function. I found an old post, stating that Ward clustering was missed but might be implemented again (https://community.rapidminer.com/discussion/4992/ward-hierarchic-agglomerative-clustering/p1). Is that now a different operator? Or is Ward clustering still missing?

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    To the best of my knowledge, there is not direct support for the Ward linkage function in RapidMiner. Agglomerative clustering supports single link, complete link, and average link. I am not an expert for agglomerative clustering, so maybe one of those is actually equivalent to Ward but I would not know. There is of course always the option to run the clustering in R or Python by using the operator "Exectute R" or "Execute Python"....
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