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Dear All,
I just wanted to know that what is actually the exact interpretation of the lift chart used in RapidMiner? I have google and also read in docs.rapidminer.com but could not understand the exact meaning. Very grateful for your response. Thanks & regards, Abidi.

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    Basically it shows you the concentration of the class of interest by decile. If you run the sample process for the Lift Chart operator, you get this lift chart:

    The bar shows you that in the top decile, 275/300 of the records are responders, and the line tells you that represents almost 30% of the total responders.
    The next bar is for the 2nd decile, and it tells you that 251/300 are responders in that decile, and the line shows that the two top deciles together represent about 55% of the total responders.
    And so on.
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    razaabdirazaabdi Member Posts: 10 Contributor II
    Telcontar120, Really grateful for your succinct explanation. Thanks a lot.
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