Is there an operator to include only listed text?

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Hello, I am new to RapidMiner. I have used the Filter Stopwords (dictionary) to exclude. Is there an operator that will do the opposite? Create a list of words that you want to identify and exclude everything else?
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    Hi @amyt - this is MarlaBot. I found these great videos on our RapidMiner Academy that you may find helpful:
    Instructional Video: Text Association Rules (Viewing time: ~10m)
    Instructional Video: Loading Text into RapidMiner (Viewing time: ~6m)
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    Sort of. If you have a wordlist you like to focus upon you just add this in to the 'wor' port of your 'process documents from data' operator.

    This will only take the words in your list into consideration so you could consider this a filter.
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    Hi @amyt
    Or use the word list for Filter Tokens (Example Set) and invert the filter. That was the reason i've added this invert filter option - to allow white listings.

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