Problem with reading files from Azure Blob Storage

PapadPapad Computer Science StudentMember Posts: 68   Unicorn
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Hi all,
I am using read azure blob storage operator, and my files (for some reason I don't know yet) have .file extension.
When I run only this operator I have as result "Memory buffered file" message.
How can I read them?
Thanks in advance.

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  • jwpfaujwpfau Posts: 20   RM Engineering
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    Hi Papad,

    yes you have to run the process again.

    With a RapidMiner Server installation you can schedule the process to run at certain times or in certain intervals.



  • PapadPapad Computer Science Student Member Posts: 68   Unicorn
    Hi @jwpfau ;
    Thanks for your answer. I also wanted to ask, if I have new queries in my online data, have I got to run again the process in order to have them or there is another way to do it automatically?

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