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Hi, I'm an excel user and complete RM novice; I've got a large spreadsheet I'm trying to convert in RM to speed things up but can't get the formula to calculate the same.  It's not complex - it's adding up a series of cells; I'm looking for help to convert from Excel into RM language - please see Excel formula sample below (all cells are numerical)


Any help greatly received!




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    The operator Generate Aggregation is one operator that can be used, if you only need one operation at a time (such as sum or average) across multiple columns (called attributes in RapidMiner).
    However, for a formula like the one you have above, in which there are different operations as well as some hard-coded numerical scaling factors, then you would need to use Generate Attributes.  In that operator you can define a new attribute as a function of any number of existing attributes and can specify whatever sequence of operations that you want.  Take a look at the sample process in the help for that operator to see how it works.
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