How to be a good data sciencist?

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Hi,I'm Lee, a senior student  is about to graduate  from China.
I have a strong insterest in AI and data scienece, and have make a simple classfiaciton AI tool to solve some problems in my intership.
My question is , How can a to be a good data sciencist?
should I get some knowledge like statistcs  , principle of machine learning, and so on  from therory study  first?  or I can get some projects which I 'm  interested now,and learn from pratcice?
some good ideas 
Finally , I'm also look forwarding to other useful suggestions!

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    M_MartinM_Martin RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 125 Unicorn
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    Hi SpyderMan: In  addition to Jeff's great suggestions above, I would suggest considering other factors that may determine if your data science projects are considered successful or not - such as whether or not your company is prepared to implement and use the predictive models that you build.  Believe it or not, many data science projects are not considered successful even if the predictive models are quite good.  This is because many organizations have not done the planning work required to integrate the outputs of data science projects into the workflows that other people perform.  If people within an organization have no way to use the predictive model outputs to make a positive business difference, business leaders will likely consider that the project has not really paid off - even if the technical "data science work" is very good.  Data Scientists have the opportunity to act in more than just a technical role - they can also help management understand that developing predictive models is just the first step in getting business value from them.  Also important is to validate and discuss the outputs of your models with business people within your company as you are developing them so that they grow to trust the predictions the model makes.  Subject matter experts may also tell you very helpful information that could lead to improvements in your models.  Wishing you every success!  Best wishes, Michael Martin


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    SpyderManSpyderMan Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
    Thank you, Mr Jmergler
    Your suggestion is very inspiring!
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