What is the latest on the citizen data scientist movement?

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Solving the data science shortage is a big issue. The application of citizen data scientists has been recommended. So I ask the above question.


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    Here's a relatively recent article from Gartner Research on this topic: https://blogs.gartner.com/carlie-idoine/2018/05/13/citizen-data-scientists-and-why-they-matter/
    I think this is still an ongoing concern, and in fact many of the tools that RapidMiner is introducing such as Auto Model and Turbo Prep are designed to lower the barrier to doing serious data science to allow those with less formal training to begin to explore this world.

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    I think that tools like Auto Model run in the cloud will be the future. Although data science courses focus a lot on the modelling, that will not be so important. The handling of increasing volumes of data will be biggest challenge, right now we generate a lot of data which is stored and not used
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