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Hi, I enrolled in subject that used RapidMiner at the beginning of the year. I downloaded RapidMiner as part of that course. I had to suspend my studies (new child, I was too ambitious thinking I could study through that time haha) so I didn't complete that subject. If I wait until the course is back on, the one year license will expire and the course is mandatory. Is there any way I can suspend / freeze the license so I can use it for semester 1 next year? thanks.


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    Hello @tsantos

    I assume that you are using educational license. This is a 1 year license and it is renewable till you are a student. So, I don't think you need to worry about suspending, once its expired and if you are still a student at that time you can request renewal of license. 

    If you are a student at an accredited university, you qualify for a 1-year, renewable educational license of RapidMiner Studio, Server, and Radoop
    I am also tagging @sgenzer for confirmation.

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    Hi @tsantos
    You need not worry about the license. Since you are a student and clearly using RapidMiner, you could reach out to me or @sgenzer
    when your license expires, and we would happily renew it

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    Well yeah have been facing same issue..I hope it is solved soon..Waiting for an offcial reply My Pasco Connect

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    HI @Morgan26
    As long as you still have a .edu email or proof that you are a student or researcher, we will keep renewing your educational license
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