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Hi All-
I have a process, exported from AutoModel, that decomposes all dates into attributes like "date_name:month_of_year", "date_name:year", "date_name:day_of_month", etc. I'm trying to recoup the original dates from the underlying data (thinking this would be "easy" to do by stringing a bunch of concat() s together and feeding them to date_parse()... e.g. concat(concat(date_name:month_of_year,"/"),date_name:day_of_month))...

This is turning out to be more difficult than anticipated. Any suggestions for a different approach?

Thanks, Noel


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    MartinLiebigMartinLiebig Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, University Professor Posts: 3,520 RM Data Scientist

    can't you just join the original dates?

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    NoelNoel Member Posts: 82 Maven
    Hi Martin- I thought of doing that, but what key would I use for the joining? I was using the date as an index...
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    On an unrelated note, I've noticed that "function expressions" (like in Generate Macro or Generate Attributes) don't seem to like attribute names with white space in them. In the past, I've Renamed or Generated Copies to remove the spaces. Perhaps single or double quotes can resolve this issue, but I've never tried...

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    NoelNoel Member Posts: 82 Maven
    Thanks @tftemme !
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