Lift Charts - Improvements in lower deciles

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I know that there have been a number of discussions here on lift charts, including this one,, but I have to admit I am wondering why in so many of my examples (different datasets, different techniques), the Lift chart (or simple lift chart) output is showing situations where the hit rate/conversion actually goes up in deciles farther to the right.  By definition, the data are sorted on confidence of the target class, descending, and you would normally see the hit rates drop with each decile, as I did with the same dataset/technique in a different tool.

Even in the example I linked to above, the hit rate actually goes up in decile 6.  Admittedly I very rarely see this, so I am wondering if there is an explanation or an intuition you can share why this appears so often here in RM.

Above, the results are from a logistic regression. 

Last but not least, is there a way to set a reference line on these charts to show the baseline % of the target?  I think that would really simplify the visualization for people to understand the concept of lift.

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    And when using Lift Chart, I am not sure why when i specify 10 bins, there are more than 10.

  • btibertbtibert Member, University Professor Posts: 146 Guru
    Thank you for the note, I appreciate it.
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    I've also created lift charts manually (not using the lift chart operator) when facing this same issue (.e.g, the number of auto-generated bins not coming out properly due to the presence of ties).  You can use the Discretize operator instead and then use Aggregate to generate the underlying tables, and then create the charts you want (either inside RapidMiner or outside).
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    Thanks @Telcontar120, I started going down the path that you outlined above (manual) but I was wrestling with the binning so I punted on that portion of my class, but will revisit it next week.  
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