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Hi All
I want to have "Bias" parameter in Neural Nets operators. But "Neural Net" operator gives the Bias of each Node separately. I need overall "Bias" of the model or separately Bias of training and testing. 

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    What is your definition of "bias" in this case?  For the NN operator, the "bias" returned for each node is effectively the intercept term applied to the equation form of the fit curve at each perceptron.  There is no corresponding "bias" at the overall model level, just as there is no set of single coefficients for the input variables (each node has its own set of coefficients).  So what exactly are you trying to measure at the level of the overall model?
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    I know what you mean. But in some published data using other software (Matlab etc.), it has been reported just one Bias for training and/or testing process. So, it does confusing me! Please see the attached file.

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