Probability of prediction column in a binary classification problem.

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Using the (apply model operator) in the binary classification problem, the results exported in the form of the prediction column and confidences of being 0 or 1. Please I am wondering if there is an operator that can exportย  the probability (range from 0-1 such as 0, 0.1, 0.2, ...) or scores indicating the likelihood that a label comes from a particular class (0 or 1).


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    Hello @summer_helmi

    Sorry, I am confused can you please explain in detail. The prediction confidences are similar toย  probabilities, that shows the confidences of a particular class for a particular observation between 0 and 1. If the algorithm is really confident then it will assign 1 to related label (class).ย 

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    confidences are not probabilities, but correlated. To get something way closer to propabilities we recommend to use Rescale Confidences (Logistic), which uses Platt Scaling.ย 
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    Thank you,
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