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I find importing data from excel and then setting the data type for each column to be rather excruciating. Is there a way that I can do a select all and change them all to a specific value at once? I have 200 attributes and some are coming in as integers when I want reals, or polynominal vs date, etc... However 90% of it a real, and then I can change the remaining ones as oppose to doing every single one. Perhaps organizing the data by data type would be helpful so I dont have to search every column to find every single one that is different.

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    mortizmortiz Member Posts: 20 Maven
    Thanks for reply. Where is the tickbox to convert everything to polynominal?
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    mortizmortiz Member Posts: 20 Maven
    Thanks for your help! I will just have to convert from here I suppose....

    When I set it as polynominal, what exactly does that mean?

    Whenever I search for this on internet all I get is polynomial. As if the term polynominal doesn’t exist. 

    What different about nominal and polynominal?

    thank you very much
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